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Welcome to Spiritual Teacher and Healer!

Dr Martha, well renowned spiritual teacher and healer

Intuitive Counselor | Spiritual Advisor | Mind Body Medicine | Medical Emotional Intuitive
Past Life Regression | Alternative and Integrative Medicine | Holistic Natural Remedies

Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Erie, Pennsylvania; Santa Fe, NM; Sedona, AZ;
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Alternative Holistic Medicine – Family Health Natural Care
Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Integrative Health Wellness

Erie, Pa & Tri-State, Santa Fe New Mexico, National Medical Concierge

Welcome to Spiritual Teacher and Healer!

Our unique Natural Alternative Holistic Medicine prevention, intervention, recovery and rehabilitation health and wellness programs offer you an experience that focuses on the whole person: mind, body and spirit. We are an expert to help you rid emotional behavioral disorders, including help for night time anxiety attacks, reduce physical pain for alternative medicine pain relief, eliminate treatment and hardships and uncomfortable symptoms without invasive testing. We focus on health and the human spirit. We offer Medical Emotional Intuitive, “modern psychological tools combined with ancient wisdom of the past.©” Let us teach you how to be your own spiritual teacher and healer. Our offerings assist you in personal-spiritual growth, life transition, overcome illness, disease, hardships and even aid in natural pet remedies, notably for anxiety and chronic pain. Please call and ask what the solution is to all pet health problems!

 Dr. Martha Watson, Master Healer and Spiritual Development Teacher
Innovator of Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

• Pain Management
• Psychosomatic Disorders
• Stress Management

What is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer? A spiritual teacher and healer will teach people how to heal themselves from a disease or disorder of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Illnesses of the body can range from cardiac dangerous heart rate, respiratory conditions short breath, back pain, severe low back pain to varying forms of cancer chronic fatigue syndrome, and conditions of the mind such as panic attack symptoms, anxiety attacks, ADD ADHD, or soul suffering experiences such as hardships and misfortunes.

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